Peter Sarelis
Peter has been sailing since a young skipper in boy scouting. He learned to sail on Sunfish and Lasers in the
mid 70’s when he was not skateboarding.  After a long break from sailing after college, marriage, and two young
daughters, Peter was bitten again to sail after a Girl Scout event with fathers (Daddy and Me) that sailing was
involved. Peter currently sails a Sunfish and a Windsurfer on Austin and  Gull Lake during the soft water season.
Through a network of ice skippers, Peter found a relic Super DN that he has been restoring during the last
year.  Peter joined the club in 2007. Peter has been able to ice sail with a borrowed DN iceboat from the club
during the 2008-2009 season. He is planning to debut his own iceboat during the 2009-2010 Iceboat season
here in Michigan. His future project build boat may be a J-14. See you on the ice.
Before (Super DN
as found)
During (in the shop)
After   (Ikaros on the ice at Coldwater
Lake, December 2010)
IKAROS:   a Super DN.

-OAL: 18’-0”

-Beam: 21”

-Hull: Modified “Goodwin” DN with
concave hull

-Mast: 16’-0” Wood Strip Mast with

-Runner Plank: 11’-9”

-Springboard: 5’-0”